Doctores Barreiro Logo

02 May Doctores Barreiro

Doctores Barreiro is an experienced dental clinic based in Madrid and formed by Ramón Barreiro in 1980's. Her daughter, Sara Barreiro, joined the clinic giving continuity to the business and the idea was to bring a freshness look to the clinic. The logo and the corporate identity reflect the company’s...

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05 Feb Global Managers

Global Managers is a sport, business and entertainment agency working mainly between Spain and Polonia. The aim of the company is to develop linkages between both countries as well as creating new opportunities for their clients. In this way, the concept of the logo try to...

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05 Feb AVVA fisioterapia

AVVA is a physiotherapy clinic based in Madrid and formed by Amaya Martín Pellicer and Víctor del Castillo Sánchez. The logo and the corporate identity reflect the company’s values. With a symmetrical logo and naming, the aim was to show the idea of equality and teamwork by giving the same...

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logo beer

04 Dec SUOMI

Client: Madriz Hop Republic & Cervezas Ebora Year: 2015   DESCRIPTION Logo and label design for Suomi, first collaboration beer between two brewers: Ebora and Madriz Hop Republic. The logo consist of a hop wearing a viking helmet, relating to the origin of Baltic Porter beers....

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08 Oct CBRE Presentation

Client: CBRE Designed with: Estudio Mecanismo Year: 2015 - DESCRIPTION Presentation design for CBRE Spain. Design of charts, maps and layout.

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07 Oct McCormick Place Redux

Client: Chicago Architectural Club Year: 2011 - DESCRIPTION Compilation, edition and graphic design of a publication about McCormick Place Redux Competition.

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06 Oct ArqDeco Logo, Photo & Catalogue

Client: ArqDeco Adlatere Year: 2015 - DESCRIPTION ArqDeco Adlatere is an interior and furniture design firm based in Madrid. Logo design was inspired in Tripode table. Product photography and retouching for catalogue design of the furniture collection....

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06 Oct Cervezas Madriz

Client: Madriz Hop Republic Year: 2015 - DESCRIPTION Graphic design and packaging for a craft brewery based in Madrid. Menu design, flyers, roll up, brouchures, sixpack, ...

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05 Oct Bedline Catalogue

Client: Bedline Year: 2015 - DESCRIPTION Catalogue design for Bedline 2015 collection. Bedline is specialises in  the design, development, manufacture and marketing of rest systems. Layout design, product photography (just accessories), photographies outlining and image retouching.

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