Living Solar Platforms

About This Project

Professor: María José Aranguren
University: ETSAM (Madrid)
Year: 2012


The project aim is to create solar platforms that produce energy for the new Port of Tanger Med. Each superstructure, in which roof we find a photovoltaic solar farm, generates 4.065.000 KWh of annual energy. Inside those platforms, living cells are inserted, to make up a high density residential system that houses 1850 temporary accommodations for the port workers.

The new Tanger Med residential system is composed of three solar platforms that are connected to one another. At ground level there is a community services platform that serves the other two platforms (living solar platforms). These latest platforms are raised of the ground, freeing up space on the ground floor and obtaining a city stratification in two different levels: a first level where the virgin green areas and the vehicular traffic are located, and a second purely pedestrian raised level for dwelling. The connection between solar platforms and the community services platform is carried out through three cores per platform, so that the whole city can go across in a pedestrian way without using the vehicular traffic level.

Inside the solar platforms superstructures, 15x15m housing cells are inserted. After studying all the possible situations that could take place inside the platform, 11 different types of housing cells have been created. The temporary character houses are organised in a duplex accessibility by the intermediate platform level. Housing is organised around a central core that accommodates the wet areas, storage areas and the house stairwell, and divides the full light living room in façade from the sleeping area. The sleeping area is illuminated and ventilated by a small half height courtyard.

Arch, Urban